Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we always support Fair Play. ClashPerk collects all the data directly from Supercell API.

Why is the bot not working on my server?

Make sure that ClashPerk has all the required permissions in your Discord. Run the /debug command to check missing permissions and other issues.

What is clan verification?

It is a security feature of the bot to ensure you are a Leader or Co-Leader in the clan and you are not trying to abuse the bot by tracking clans you do not own.

How does "Last Seen" work?

Due to the API limitation, the bot cannot see who's currently online or who was online in the clan. We determine an approximate last-seen time based on the following points

What is activity score?

When the bot captures one of these^ activities, the player gains a +1 score or activity. It's the total number of activities seen by the bot. It helps us to determine who are the most active or inactive players.

How does the clan games scoreboard work?

Clan Games points can not be obtained directly from the API. It is only possible by comparing Games Champion achievement. Our system pulls everyone's Games Champion achievement at the beginning of Clan Games and compares it every 10-15 minutes.

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