The roster management feature provides a comprehensive solution for efficient and organized management of CWL/War events.

It is designed to streamline the process and prevent duplicate or multiple signups. It offers convenient features such as autocomplete to easily add individual players from your clan family, and the ability to add players in bulk while detecting player tags regardless of their format.

The feature allows you to set the start and end times for the roster and provides a roster settings button for easy management. You can open or close the roster, hide or show signup buttons, enable archive mode, add or remove players, move players, change groups, edit settings and layout, export members, and clear the roster.

User groups can be created for managing roles, and a wide range of restrictions can be set, including the ability for members to select a group, sign up for multiple rosters, or meet specific criteria such as minimum/maximum town hall level or combined hero levels.

The feature also allows for keeping a history of the rosters by closing them instead of deleting or clearing them every month.

Creating a Roster

/roster create [clan] [name] [...options]

Roster Options

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