Flags (Ban/Strike)

A flag serves as a warning for breaking rules, alerting users to potential consequences like bans or strikes. It's a mechanism to maintain order and uphold community standards.


When a player receives a banned flag, it usually means they have violated the community guidelines to such an extent that they are no longer allowed in the clan or family. This could be due to severe misconduct, cheating, harassment, or other serious offenses.

/flag create [BAN] [PLAYER] [...REASON]

Getting Alerts

When a banned player joins your clan or family, the bot can notify you in the Flag Alert Log.

/setup utility [Flag Alert Log]


A strike flag, also known as a soft warning, is a milder form of penalty compared to a ban. It serves as a notification to the user that their behavior has been noted and is not acceptable according to the clan's rules. Warning flags are often used for minor infractions or as a first step in a progressive disciplinary system.

/flag create [STRIKE] [PLAYER] [...REASON] [EXPIRY_DAYS]

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