ClashPerk Docs

Getting set up

Let's setup the bot!
The following command allows you to quickly add your clan to the server which enables the bot to track the clan.
/setup enable option: Server Link tag: #CLAN_TAG

Log channel and Embed

Legend Log
Posts daily legend attack summary of the day.
/setup enable option: Legend Log tag: #CLAN_TAG
Capital Log
Posts Capital Raid and Contribution summary at the end of the Raid.
/setup enable option: Capital Log tag: #CLAN_TAG
Donation Log
Posts an update whenever someone donates or receives troops.
/setup enable option: Donation Log tag: #CLAN_TAG
  • Set the frequency of the donation (Daily/Weekly/Monthly or Continuous)
Clan Games Log
It posts a leaderboard at the beginning of the Clan Games and then keeps updating it throughout the week.
/setup enable option: Clan Games tag: #CLAN_TAG
Clan Feed
Clan Feed is a feature that automatically posts in-game events in a channel.
/setup enable option: Clan Feed tag: #CLAN_TAG
  • Town hall upgrade
  • War preference change
  • Player name change
  • Capital league change
  • Clan war league change
  • Clan level up
Join/Leave Log
Keeps a log of new member joining and leaving.
/setup enable option: Join/Leave Log tag: #CLAN_TAG
Clan Embed
Clan embed is for showcasing your clans in a public channel.
/setup enable option: Clan Embed tag: #CLAN_TAG
War Log
Posts an Embed for each war and keeps updating it throughout the war and at the end it posts a list of missed attacks.
/setup enable option: War Log tag: #CLAN_TAG